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Captiva & Sanibel Customer Testimonials

The board president was very impressed with you...thanks ever so much for the great work that you do!!! YOU'RE AWESOME!!!! 

--J. Sanibel 1/12

My nine-year-old son swam in the pool you serviced and afterward said to me, "Mom, I love this water. It's the first pool that hasn't hurt my eyes." Thank you!

-- MM C.L. Sanibel 8/10

Thank you. Your care and professionalism is greatly appreciated. Thanks to you + David for being so conscientious with regard to our new pool.
-- MM 3/11 and 2/8

Thank you for the special attention you give to my pool.
-- BD 2/8

Thank you for a very well thought out and detailed explanation. Tim & I are appreciative of the insight.
-- Tim 1/22

I appreciate your attention to the pool. Thank you very much.
-- JN 1/14

I can't thank you enough for helping us out. I was EMBARRASSED that I did not even look at my pool. Thank you for going out of your way and making sure.
-- JM 11/6

THANKS for taking this on as you would your own pool.
-- KD 3/3

We appreciate your vigilance. thanks for taking care.
-- MM 5/8

Thanks again for your careful attention to the successful operation of our pool.
-- LB 5/13

Thanks for doing such a nice job with the pool.
-- KF 7/15

It was great to hear from you and I am very appreciative of your work. Thank you again for the information and the care you take with the pool!
-- DB 10/27

David you're the best thanks!
-- NV 10/30

Thanks David. I appreciate your awesome service. Its hard to find in SW FL.
-- TM 11/02


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